Of Marginal Importance

Welcome to my site, where I will post periodic updates on my writing works in progress. Currently I’m working on my latest short story “Of Marginal Importance,” concerning a “marginal” subject that involves us all…

“Queer, flighty, isolated and other than her own opinion, completely overlooked and often unseen by everyone, yet my dear was essential to your life even proceeding. Intrigued? You should be for there are many like her all over your world so marked. Human oddities that may appear to you to be irrelevant or surplus or better off dead to lessen the irritations in your life, but unknown to you they are so much more significant and important than you will ever be. And the key here is that they are unknown to you…

Some are fat, grossly obese and a burden to all even the furniture; some are slow, fossil slow and extremely difficult to bear (no correlation with furniture intended); some are so goofy that you just want them to drown already. Others are so shy they don’t even look at themselves, or so clueless they don’t know themselves, or so fearful they don’t want to move. And the list goes on ad nauseam to you and your kind, you better examples of people. You know these ones I speak of don’t you? They’re never invited to your parties or flirted with at the checkout or even granted a smile to advertise your whitened teeth. But they are so critical, these marked souls, and to me and my brethren they are gold in your world of gray molten lead. Each worth so much more than a stadium full of you and they will never know it…

So this tale is a focus, a specific focus on one of these crucial lives fated with an exceptional task that will go unnoticed by all but those of us who tend your miserable flock in order to ensure this pigeon coop called earth is suitably maintained…”

Comments are welcome as always, thanks for the read, more to come…


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